What is a Staking Pool Operator: A Cardaspians explanation

What is a Staking Pool Operator: A Cardaspians explanation

A stake pool operator is a person who is assigned responsibility for setting up and keeping the stake pool running, which means that they own or rent a server, hold the keys to the server(s) and hold responsibility for running and monitoring the node.

A staking pool operator could be an individual or business which is responsible for setting up these pools.

For our staking pool, Cardaspians, contains of a group of 6 different people. One of these people, Mark, is responsible for running the pool, holding the keys and monitoring the nodes. He is also responsible for the updates.

What's the exact role of a staking pool?

  • Setting up and running the node (as already discussed).
  • Monitoring and maintanance: The SPO ensures the node runs consistently, monitors its performance, and maintains its stability
  • Key Management: The SPO holds the key to the stake pool, which is essention for validation transactions and producing blocks, which is again essential for the people to earn rewards.
  • Attracting delegators: An SPO and its team (Cardaspians has an entire team), try to attracts as many delegators to their pool.
  • Reward delegation: this runs automatically, but the SPO gets rewarded for his time and energy, the delegators get through trusting the SPO on doing his/her work.


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